Iceland Winter Games 6 to 14 March 2015

Iceland Winter Games 6 to 14 March 2015

Iceland Winter Games 6 to 14 March 2015


Now that winter is around the corner the preparations for the next Icelandic Winter Games (IWG) is in full swing. Some changes have been made to make the festival  bigger and even better.

The Blizzard Festival and IWG have now merged under the name IWG where we continue to enjoy the winter and  winter activites in the best possible way.

Numerous tour operators   participate in IWG to take part in enhanching the winter tourism in North Iceland. During The IWG one can experience the great width of opportunities available. Information about what is available can be found on our website

The main event of the IWG will be on the 12-14th of March  where both Icelandic and foreign competitors put on a great show when they compete in  freeski slope style at Hlíðarfjall Ski Resort.


Freeski competition was introduced in IWG last March and was considered a great success despite bad weather, as the runway was extremly long and the three platforms some of the biggest made in Iceland. The competition is part of the AFP Tour (The 2015 AFP World Tour) and is classified as a gold tournament, which is the second highest score in the league so we can expect big names in this sport to visit the country.

Snowboarding  competition in slope style is also taken place that same weekend, on the same runway as the freeski competition and there we will expect some foreign visitors from the last Games , one of them Marcus Kleveland, a rising star in the snowboarding world .  A group of snowboarding team from Greenland has also announced its arrival to the IWG 2015 after competing in the Games in 2014.

Various events take place this week like  the past few years, including snowmobile show and exhibition where you will see all the toughest sleds on the market as well as the popular snowmobile race at Hlíðarfjall.

Other events worth mentioning are DC & GoPro snowboarding competition and session at Ráðhústorg Town Hall on behalf of SKA where lively competition  can be expected in flood lighting and music. Snowboarding competition will also be held at Hlíðarfjall which has been one of the most popular events of the weekend.


The ever-popular flashlight walk is a part of the festival like before and courses in cross country skiing will also be available.


Do not forget the Bautatölt horse tournament but it is one of the few tolt competitions in the world, conducted in a skate rink with 80 competitors, both domestic and foreign. Also the same weekend another kind of a tournment, more traditional will be held at Léttir horse riding stadium.


The tour operator Arctic Heli Skiing will be located at Hlíðarfjall and offers guests of festival heli skiing with a helicopter to visitors of the festival.


The list is much longer and still some time to check out  all the events happening in Akureyri bewteen  6th and 14th of March. www. our website where you can also sign up for many of the numerous competition.