Freeskiing Results 2015

MEN (16 and older) FINALS

Rank Name

None other than the 19 year old Siver Voll was victorious in slopestyle for 16 years and older. Siver Voll hails from Norway and won last year when the Iceland Winter Games were held for the first time. He is also in the forefront in his home land where he has won the Norwegian Open slopestyle for the last 3 years. In second place was Robby Franco (21) from the United States and Noah Wallace (23), also from the United States was third.

 Mens: Open Slopestyle age 16+

    Siver Voll (NO)
    Robby Franco (USA)
    Noah Wallace (USA)


Rank Name

Myles B. Barret (13) won gold in the beginners group 12-15 y.o. He came all the way from the United States with his friends from the Gold Academy. In second and third place were the brothers Gauti Guðmundsson (12) and Guðjón Guðmundsson (11). They are considered very promising and it will be interesting to follow them in the future.

Rookies: Open slopestyle age 12-15

    Miles B. Barrett (USA)
    Gauti Guðmundsson (IS)
    Guðjón Guðmundsson